Publicity of the work of the Government is regulated by the Decree on the Government, the Rules of Procedure of
the Government and the Decision on the publication of materials from the sessions of the Government. Article
4 of the Government Regulation emphasizes that the work of the Government is public, that the Government
has a website where it publishes information about its work, and that, in accordance with the legislation (Law
on Free Access to Information and Rules of Procedure of the Government), it is obliged to provide the public
with access to its work work. According to the Rules of Procedure of the Government, in addition to the notice
on convening the session, the Government’s website provides for the publication of the proposed agenda, which
contains an indication of points for discussion and points for verification, materials for individual points on the
agenda, committee reports and minutes from the previous session. Article 2 of the Decision on the Publication
of Materials from Government Sessions stipulates the publication of:
1) proposal of the agenda of the Government session;
2) material considered by the Government at the session for which the appropriate level of secrecy has not been
determined in accordance with the law, such as: draft law, bill, report on public debate, proposals for regulations,
decisions, strategies, plans, reports and information, draft, or proposal for a contract, proposal for a decision on appointment,appointment or dismissal;
3) the verified conclusion of the Government, which was adopted in connection with the consideration of the
published material.

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