Online Consultation Feature – Loomio

Loomio is the new online consultation feature integrated into the WeBER 2.0 portal that can be accessed and used by the members of the WeBER Platform and National Working Groups (NWGs) for monitoring Public Administration Reform (PAR) in the countries of the Western Balkans. The aim of this new online consultation feature is to turn the WeBER portal into a useful venue for learning and exchanging information on PAR.

Loomio will be used for determining priority topics, issues, and concerns for CSOs ahead of each WeBER Platform and NWG meeting. It allows its members to create different groups and subgroups to facilitate discussions and has a variety of features, such as voting, polling, and ranking, which enable more active participation and engagement. The online consultations are expected to innovate the work of the regional WeBER Platform, which currently gathers over 100 organisations from across the region and help engage a larger number of CSOs in the discussions.

For more information on how to use the Online Consultation Feature, please download the Online Consultation Feature User Manual.