• The Small Grant Facility is a part of the WeBER project funded by the European Union represented by the European Commission and co-financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia.
  • On 10th and 11th of May 2017, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) has organized two-day seminar for the Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo on the topic: “Effective Monitoring of Public Policies”
  • Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI BH), within the framework of the WeBER project, and in cooperation with the Visegrad Fund, had organized a seminar „Efficient Monitoring of Public Policies - Seminar for Civil Society Organizations (National Working Groups)“.
  • European Policy Centre, within the framework of the WeBER project, and in cooperation with the Visegrad Fund, organized a seminar “Effective monitoring of public policies”. The seminar was held in Novi Sad, April 19-22.
  • A consultative meeting between Serbian civil society organisations (CSOs) and representatives of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia and the European Commission (DG NEAR) was held in Belgrade on 5 April 2017.
  • National Working Groups (NWGs) are national consultative mechanism for participation of civil society in the dialogue with relevant public authorities on design and monitoring of public administration reform (PAR) processes in the Western Balkans (WB). NWGs are constituted in each of the Western Balkan country as national extensions for dialogue on PAR of the wider mechanism - regional WeBER Platform.
Permanent call for expression of interest for CSOs to join the NWGs
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About WeBER

Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform – WeBER


Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform – WeBER – is a three-year project funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


WeBER is implemented by the Think for Europe Network (TEN) composed of EU policy oriented think tanks in the Western Balkans. European Policy Centre (CEP) from Belgrade is the coordinator of the Project. By partnering up with the European Policy Centre (EPC) from Brussels, WeBER will ensure EU level visibility.


The overall goal of WeBER is to increase the relevance, participation and capacity of civil society organisations and media in the Western Balkans to advocate for and influence the design and implementation of public administration reform.

Think for Europe Network - TEN

WeBER is implemented by six Western Balkan think tank organisations, gathered in the Think for Europe Network – TEN

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