WeBER Platform, the regional CSO consultation platform on PAR in the WB, is the venue for dialogue of CSOs and governments on PAR. In essence, WeBER Platform serves as the platform for consultation and evidence-based dialogue between the civil society, government representatives and international and regional organisations (European Commission, ReSPA, RCC etc.) on PAR. Evidence-informed dialogue and consultations will be sustained through the development and application of the PAR Monitor (see PAR Monitor section).

WeBER Platform is featured by comprehensive regional approach to PAR monitoring and involvement of CSOs at all levels:

  • through partnerships at regional, national, and local level;
  • by enhancing transparency, and participation and involvement of civil society in PAR and in policymaking regionally, nationally, and locally;
  • by rendering monitoring of PAR by CSOs visible, thus influencing policy dialogue and change at all levels.

WeBER partner organisations are leading the Platform, and CSOs in each of the WB countries become members of the Platform, through Open Call for Applications by CSO’s. The WeBER partner from one country and the selected CSOs from the same country at the same time constitute the “national consortium” for the National PAR Working Group - NWG. 

The National Working Groups of the WeBER Platform (NWGs) are national CSO consultative mechanisms with the relevant national PAR authorities, led by the national consortia. NWGs are integrated into the regional WeBER Platform, ensuring a good connection between the regional and national, and through participation of local CSOs, also with the local level. The NWGs gather a wider network of CSOs in each country. The NWG coordinators (leads of the national consortia), are WeBER partner organisations, who will also lead the WeBER Platform.