Occasion of the Platform establishment represents the milestone event. Apart from being the constitutive meeting of the Platform, all member organisations will meet for the first time following the successfully completed selection process for the Platform membership. In addition, the Draft PAR Monitor methodology, and CSO Communication Strategy for increasing involvement of external stakeholders in monitoring of public administration reform will be presented and discussed among the Platform members on the WeBER side-event. The Platform will be officially established by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation by the chief executives or presidents of the governing boards of all WeBER partners.

The Platform is a regional consultation platform, led by civil society organisations (CSO) in the Western Balkans (WB), for maintaining dialogue with public authorities in WB countries on the public administration reform (PAR) process – the process that is ongoing in all WB countries simultaneously. The establishment of the WeBER Platform is the very first attempt to provide for the comprehensive and unique regional CSO mechanism on PAR that: 1) involves all interested CSOs of different size and influence in WB countries in PAR monitoring and a structured dialogue on PAR, 2) relies on the knowledge base that is created by the Platform members in order to engage in PAR related dialogue, and 3) brings forward the perspective of CSOs (and indirectly general public) into the overall PAR discourse.

The overall objective of the ReSPA Annual Conference is to discuss and identify lessons learned in domain of Optimization of Public Administration. Conference will take place on 15-16 November in Hotel Hilton, Podgorica. The establishment of the WeBER Platform is scheduled for the second day in tha panel dedicated to civil society’s role in monitoring public administration reform. Agenda of the event is available here.

What is the WeBER Platform? Please visit respective page on our website for more info.