Gathering more than 30 CSOs throughout Kosovo, this event served as an opportunity to thoroughly discuss each of the Principles defined by the European Commission, indicators and sub-indicators, as well as their relevance to the local level. 

Furthermore, CSOs had the chance to receive first- hand information with regards to SIGMA’s approach  towards Public Administration Reform (PAR) process from the SIGMA Representative and Coordinator for  Kosovo, Mr. Jesper Johnson, who  was engaged as a lecturer during this seminar. During the morning  sessions, the participants  discussed about the areas of PAR Strategic Framework and Policy Development  and Coordination, while in the afternoon sessions the discussion focused on the remaining Chapters of Public Service and Human Resource Management, Accountability, Service Delivery and Public Finance Management.

Each session was followed by an interactive discussion on several principles relevant to local level. Apart from the Principles, participants focused on the overall process of Public Administration Reform in Kosovo, challenges, latest SIGMA Assessment Report for Kosovo and civil society’s role towards the monitoring of PAR. Several multi-media videos were presented in the beginning of each session, briefly explaining each of the Chapters.

Venue: Hotel Emerald, Prishtina, Kosovo.