PAR Monitor Methodology

PAR Monitor is the cornerstone element of the WeBER Platform and represents a foundation for the activities within the Platform. It is the tool the that provides all necessary resources and methodology for independent PAR monitoring by civil society in the WB. It is based on the CSO inputs that are evidence-based, and PAR Monitor methodology closely follows the Principles of Public Administration developed by SIGMA. Methodology is based on the selection SIGMA principles that are best fitted to be monitored by the civil society, and the development of own quantitative and qualitative indicators for measurement. Ultimately, application of the PAR Monitor methodology will not only monitor the progress in PAR in each WB country, but will allow for regional benchmarking of countries through regional PAR Scoreboard. 

You can access the PAR Monitor Methodology here.

  • PAR Monitor is the key product of the WeBER Platform, and all member organisations of the WeBER Platform can have their reports and findings promoted and acknowledged in the PAR Monitor.
  • PAR Monitor develops analytical and methodological approach to PAR in WB countries. PAR Monitor takes into account needs and role of CSOs in external monitoring of public administration reform process.
  • PAR Monitor is methodologically sustainable tool for CSOs to use, in order to externally monitor PAR progress in the long run.
  • By contributing and being present in the PAR Monitor, CSOs contribute to facilitating sustainable PAR in their countries – creating domestic critical mass of knowledge, expertise, research and pressure – so that reforms are more likely to continue even in the absence of hard EU conditionality (e.g. after EU accession)
  • By supporting the PAR Monitor, CSOs actively contribute in developing regional PAR Scoreboard for benchmarking WB countries’ success on PAR.
  • PAR Monitor enables the creation of knowledge database of research products and promotes PAR related work of participating CSOs.
  • PAR Monitor promotes work of member CSOs on monitoring of public administration reform through a collaborative web-based portal.