• How to search through the Regional PAR Scoreboard?
    • WeBER Regional PAR Scoreboard graphically presents the values of indicators developed through WeBER PAR Monitor Methodology and used to measure the progress of the Western Balkan countries on a scale between 0 and 5, with 0 being no compliance and 5 full compliance with any given principle. 

      To use the Regional PAR Scoreboard, firstly select one PAR Area from the far-left drop-down menu below. Menu Select Principle will be enabled allowing you to choose one or more available Principles for that area. After selecting Principle(s), menu Select Indicators will be enabled with one or more indicator available, depending on your previous selection. 

      PAR Areas is the only mandatory menu for selection to get results from the Scoreboard. Selection of only one PAR area will present the result of all indicators for that area in all countries.

      More results coming soon!

  • How to use search per country?
    • By clicking on a country map icon, you will be redirected to PAR Scoreboard for selected country and offered to choose a PAR Area of the Principles of Public Administration (for country search, only selection of the PAR area is available at this stage of PAR Scoreboard development). By selecting a PAR Area (e.g. Service Delivery) and clicking on Search, you will be introduced to the bar charts containing information on all indicator values for that selected area.

      More results coming soon!