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Putting citizens first (?)
Exploring public perceptions of administrative services in the Western Balkans

Governments across the Western Balkans have made efforts towards improving service delivery; however, they are still unable to meet their citizens’ expectations of more accessible, transparent and responsive services. Part of the problem is that governments continue to typically design and offer services on the basis of their own requirements instead of taking into account the perspectives and needs of the citizens they serve.

This report draws on a regional survey of 6172 respondents from Western Balkans aged 18 and older, surveyed in the second half of October and during November 2017 by using stratified three-stage random representative sampling. Its main aim was to explore perceptions towards the implementation of a citizen-oriented delivery of administrative services using the years 2015-2017 as a reference period. The main survey results are analysed below in four clusters: administrative simplification, e-services, feedback mechanisms of service delivery, and monitoring. The survey report can be accessed here.


Balkan enlargement and the politics of civic pressure: The case of the public administration reform sector

In this Policy Brief, Milena Lazarevic and Corina Stratulat review the origins of civil society involvement in the public sector reforms leading to a country’s accession to the European Union. The search for civil society allies represents a promising break with the legacy of previous accessions in which governments were the Commission’s only trusted interlocutors. 

This policy brief was originally published by European Policy Centre – EPC, as part of the collaboration with the Think for Europe Network, under the framework of the WeBER project. The policy brief can be accessed here.



PAR Monitor Methodology

PAR Monitor is the cornerstone element of the WeBER Platform and represents a foundation for the activities within the Platform. 

The PAR Monitor Methodology can be accessed here.