Think for Europe Network (TEN) is a network of Think Tanks and EU Policy Research Centres in South East Europe was established against the background of weak regional cooperation in EU related policy research, despite the common challenges pre-accession countries face on their road to EU membership.

Evidence based policy making and promotion of EU integration lie at heart of TEN. Its members are non-profit, independent think-tank or policy research organisations focusing on the EU integration process and committed to the evidence-based policy making and advocacy.

In addition to the horizontally driven emphasis on the overall policy making and policy implementation processes and efforts to render them more evidence based, the main areas for cooperation which have been jointly identified by the TEN members are:

  • Civil society involvement in policy making and decision making for EU accession (including EU negotiations);
  • Public administration reform and administrative capacities for EU integration;
  • Capacities for EU pre-accession funds management and IPA monitoring;
  • Regional dimension of the EU accession process and regional sectoral integration;
  • Western Balkans and integration into the EU internal market (including competition, consumers and other relevant policy areas);
  • Chapters 23 and 24 of the accession negotiation;
  • Good governance, government accountability, accountable public finances (Chapter 32).